About US

About Us

We are a Chicago-based information technology services provider specializing in planning, managing and implementing technology-driven business solutions. We provide our expertise by sourcing individual team members to supplement a team already in place. We seek to offer the best yet the most cost-effective services.

We Deal In

We also retail a wide range of IT and hardware products to customers worldwide by providing best-selling rates in the market. 
Our objective is to provide the highest satisfactory experience to our customers, and we are dedicated to delivering our best services with brilliance and precision to all of our customers.

Our Mission

Tekboox delivers a wide range of world-class IT services globally at a reasonable cost.

Our Vision

Enabling all-sized enterprises to enjoy a secure, seamless and first-class IT experience no matter where they are.

Tekboox Seeks To Help You Build the Future With Tech.

The Tekboox Difference

Recognizing that there is a variety of client profiles in the market, we know we’re not for everybody! We are well-versed in various network operation centers, network support, and software development. We work with just about any technology that a small business would encounter.

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